Saturday, March 14, 2009

As always the hurricane of my life is blustering on and on and somehow I can’t seem to cram it all in (weird!). I am grateful for the daily grace the Lord shares with me to accomplish all that is required of me.

It is officially spring break and I am determined to update my blog. A week of academia-free revelry will do my school-sick soul well, although a week to lick my wounds is no where near long enough. Don’t they know it’s cruel to rip off the Band-Aid when there’s a healing scab underneath? Owwee! Oh well, I am off the Seattle to visit my sister then it’s back to the grindstone. It is probably well since my highlighter and backpack tend to whisper mutiny. The wrath of JanSport is not to be disregarded, scorned lover and all that.

I am thinking of starting a foundation that specializes in selective amnesia, A Save-Your-Mind Foundation…ahhh, what was I talking about?…yeah, okay—so I’m not just the President I am also a member. I’m thinking the mission statement, the creed should say, “Pessimistic scholars everywhere, forget the horrors of the last diabolical semester and bask in the spring thaw of purposeful, studious disregard”, if ignorance is bliss than my organization will be peddling ecstasy at 1/4th profit margins.

Regardless of parental exhaustion life marches on and deadlines inch closer. How grateful I am for Richard's help in all things domestic. Trying to be responsible parents involves many, many, many late nights helping distracted procrastinators do state reports, valentine boxes, and science fair projects. Agghh! I totally think that parent's should be exempt from colds but to no avail. Our entire crew is coughing, sputtering, sniffling, and gargling in phlegm. It is a plot designed to rid me of my revulsion of sputum.

'till next time...

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  1. Eww... sputum!

    Meggan, I think you should forget about nursing and make blogging your full time career. Your posts are hilarious!

    Much love,